Ayana (sanskrit) - to walk a road or path.
Yoga (sanskrit) - union, care, attentiveness, mindfulness.
Ayana Yoga - to walk a road in a mindful way.
It's not just a journey born from sweat, or arm balances, or how deeply you can find forward fold, but a life-long journey of ever-growing awareness, of mindfulness in movement, thought, word, deed and spirit. 
There's a long road ahead of you. One with more challenges than you might imagine.  But one with untold reward along the way.
go ahead...
take your first step...
And walk a mindful road.
At Ayana Yoga we believe in a yoga practice that not only takes place on the mat but one that takes place every step of every day.  If that sounds like the kind of yoga that would support your personal growth, check out our teaching schedule, workshops, teacher trainings, continuing education classses and even our new paddle board yoga sessions.  Though we are located in Charlotte, NC, we are happy to travel to your town or studio.
Greg and Jacqueline LaBarbera